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Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
      1  Sherman Lodge No. 535, Stated Meeting,
7 PM
2  Groundhog Day
Trio Lodge
No. 57, Stated Meeting, 7 PM
3 4  Buffalo Prairie Lodge No. 679, Soup Supper, 4:00 - 7:00 PM
Superbowl LI Sunday 6 7  Eureka Lodge No. 69, Stated Meeting, 7 PM 8  #2 School at Moline Lodge No. 1014 for the 8th & 12th Northern Districts 9 10 11
12  London Lodge No. 848, Pancake Breakfast, 7:30 - 11:30 AM 13 14  Valentines Day 15 16 17 18  Grand Lodge Academic Bowl Sectional Tournaments
19 20  Presidents Day 21  Eureka Lodge No. 69, Third Degree, 7 PM 22 23 24  Eureka  Fellowship Night at QC Hockey Game, 6:15 PM 25
26 27 28  Eureka Lodge No. 69, Practice Opening 1-2-3, 7 PM        
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