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As of  July 1st, we will begin meeting in our lodge rooms again. In so doing, it will become the responsibility of each lodge to follow social distancing requirements including face mask if possible. Lodge activities and fund raising will be allowed to resume so long as they conform to safety rules. We will not start degree work until at least August and some minor modifications may be required then. One of the many things we need to consider will be the shaking of hands; at least for the time being, verbal greetings should be practiced. Lodges must practice extreme hygiene when preparing food (gloves and face mask) 

Welcome to the website of Eureka Lodge No. 69, one of the oldest Masonic Lodges in Illinois.  Chartered in 1849, Eureka Lodge is rich in history and tradition.  We are proud of our Lodge, and we take pride in our accomplishments and our service to the community.  You are cordially invited to explore our site to learn more about our Lodge and about Freemasonry.  Here you will find information of interest to Masons and non-Masons alike.

Eureka Lodge was one of the first Masonic Lodges in Illinois to join the online community.  We have had a continuous presence on the World Wide Web since 1997 when our original website was hand-coded by Eureka Lodge Brothers Rich Hacker and Don Wood.

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