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Lodge Members - 2017

Abbott, Wade
Altemeier, Clyde
Anderson, Marvin
Anthony, Lawrence

Baker, Russell
Baraks, Dale
Blackburn, Daniel
Bridgford, Kenneth
Bull, James
Bunce, Neal

Christy, Eugene
Circello, Adam
Clark, Brian
Clark, Danny
Clark, John
Cole, Larry
Cook, Robert
Coyne, Larry S.
Cudworth, Tom
Cutler, Benjamin

Daugherty, Darrell
Davis, Gerry
Day, Earl
Decker, Robert
Dees, George
Dillender, Stephen
Downey, Flint
Duke, William

Ehlers, David
Ende, Joseph
Endres, Bill

Fiems, Steve
Foley, Nicholas
Folker, Dwayne

Gieker, Rollin
Gimble, Tony
Glaus, Keith
Glidewell, John D.
Glidewell, John L.
Goetsch, Jim
Gooder, Brian
Goodman, William
Gowey, Arthur
Greenwood, Wesley

Hacker, Richard
Hansen, John
Hansen, Richard
Hanson, Henry
Harper, Dean
Henry, Michael
Herard, Earl
Hernandez, John
Hinton, Herbert
Hockenberry, Richard
Hockenberry, Robert
Hodges, Thomas
Hoeper, Russell
Hoffman, John
Hoyle, Larry
Hynes, Pat

Johnson, Joshua
Jones, John

Kester, Karl
Kirchner, David
Kizer, Robin
Krones, David
Kunz, Robert

Laden, Jules
Lawrence, Elmer
Laxton, Phillip
Lees, Jeffrey
Lehnhardt, Cyril
Lind, Donald
Linnabery, Anthony
Lootens, Anthony
Lyon, Larry

Martin, John
Matherly, Martin, Jr.
Matherly, Martin, Sr.
Matherly, Michael
Mayfield, Joachim
McCrady, Bruce
McCraw, Rodney
McKinley, William
Mewes, Donald
Meyer, Kurt
Miller, Craig
Mindock, Robert
Miner, Clark
Miner, Robert
Monfeli, Frank
Morgan, John
Morris, Sheldon
Morrow, Aaron
Myers, Darrell
Myers, William

Needham, William
Neff, Robert
Nesseler, Brian
Neumann, Arlin
Nicely, Richard
Norris, Christopher
Nourse, William

Paff, Mark
Parr, Terry
Parr, William
Parrish, James
Pearce, William
Peters, Michael
Preslar, Max
Presson, Jimmie

Rakestraw, Jeffrey
Rambo, Walter
Rebello, Eugene
Rittenhouse, Donald
Roberts, Dennis
Robison, David
Rudd, David
Ryan, John

Sackett, William
Sandusky, Euin
Schafer, John
Schiltz, Edward
Schnell, Gerald
Sedam, Roger
Sheese, Dean
Sheese, Wayne
Sims, Roy
Smith, Lawrence L. E.
Soethe, Joseph
Sparks, Russell
Spencer, Michael
Streater, Mikkal

Taylor, Mark
Tennant, David
Tschopp, Eugene

Vale, Edwin
Vale-Ramos, JuanCarlos
Valentine, Robert
VanDeVelde, John

Warner, Chris
Wartman, Les
Webb, Harry
Weede, Evertt
Westerfield, Galen
White, Bruce
White, Hugh
Wild, Benny
Williams, Robert
Wisenburg, Larry
Wood, Don
Wright, William

Yoder, Thomas
Young, Ray
Youngblood, Nick


Honorary Members of Eureka Lodge No. 69

Else, Duane
Fuhr, Ernest
Hemm, Art
Jones, David
Mayhew, John
McDaniel, Reed
Noyd, Michael
Parker, Mel
Robertson, LaVern

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