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02 March 2017












Lodge Officers - 2017

Worshipful Master David Robison 309-593-2760
Senior Warden David Glidewell 309-787-2358
Junior Warden Donald Mewes 309-798-9462
Treasurer Craig Miller 309-788-4908
Secretary Larry Wisenburg 309-594-2669
Chaplain Richard Hockenberry 309-738-9744
Senior Deacon Aaron Morrow 319-330-1788
Junior Deacon Adam Circello 309-558-7694
Senior Steward Henry Hanson 309-596-4300
Junior Steward    
Marshal Les Wartman 309-236-6070
Tyler Robert Neff 309-787-2858

Lodge Instructor

RWB Reed McDaniel 309-787-6996

Active Past Masters

John Glidewell 309-787-3228
John Clark 309-799-3707
David Kirchner 309-787-2478
Richard Hacker 309-236-1249
Dean Sheese 309-787-2141
Larry Cole 563-468-1828
Thomas Hodges 309-373-3784
Brian Clark 309-798-9462
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